Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sunny Blue Sky and Losing Weight

Maine 2009 Me and my little buddy.
This is where I want to get back to.

New Hamshire King and Queens
As you can see I liked my cake and cookies a little too much.
What does a sunny sky have to do with losing weight you may ask yourself? It's a reminder that sunnier days are coming which means more skin showing.

I have an account with Photobucket that I have neglected for some time now just recently going back in to find some of my older pictures. They have changed it around a bit making it more user-friendly and is now put on my growing to-do list to clean up my photos and albums.

I also came across FreePhotoshop which I haven't tried yet but plan on it soon. Also, thanks to Nina Lewis at Grandma Ideas I am now the proud owner of RedKid generator which I have already played around with. I really like it.

I just got back from my facebook page redoing my Bitstrips avatar adding a few lines on the face. Smile lines I might add. I get these ideas when I laying in bed thinking I was tired and my brain telling me "oh no your not"!

Now for the hard part. When I was going back over my pictures on PhotoBucket I came across my before my gastric bypass and after my bypass surgery. Sadly I'm in the percentage of people who gained some, in my case a crapload, of their weight back and since March is fast approaching where I announced I will be getting a grip on this weight gain, hence PhotoBucket.

The biggest problem I have is not being able to exercise at all.  I can still take little walks when my heels and back are in a good mood but basically, I'm left with this weight battle I am once again going to start minus the exercise. Before you start giving me tips, if it has to do with a joint (not that kind) it will hurt...alot and not the good kind.

What I am left with is calorie intake which I have done before losing 30lbs before my surgery drinking protein shakes, smaller meals, the usual.

I have even tried googling exercising in a wheelchair in an effort to find out if there is any kind of stationary routine I can do to sweat. Believe me, I have tried it all but just maybe...

So I took a deep breath and showed the biggest I have ever been and the smallest at the top of this post. I have tried to be happy and or content with my weight as it is but the battle will begin March 1st, 2016.

Here are some of what I've been up to.

If you have any tips I could use don't be afraid to say. Maybe I will learn something new.

100 Exquisite Adjectives
By Mark Nichol

I love words and came across a list of them. I'm going to add a word a day to my posts as long as I don't forget.

Word #28 Execrable: wretched, detestable

In a sentance: I find this weight gain execrable and am going to do something about it.

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