Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lets Start Off November right.

Okay, here we go. It is now November 1st and there is a chill in the air and a slight excitement is in the air. Personally I think it's walking a little faster to stay warm but more holidays are coming.

First off I hope you like my new look. I decided to go with who I am and what's important to me for I am a very spiritual person, instead of fashioning my blog after my last name. I now have a board on Pinterest for just Roses and am satisfied my last name urge that way.

I signed up at BlogHer for the NaBloPoMo November blog everyday challenge. I looked at the Blogroll of bloggers and there's lots of us. This is so exciting.

But first I had to purge my mind off the word "niche". Every time I read the about tips and tricks I read "find your Niche". I start to worry. Do I have this so called niche?

Let us look the word up shall we.

1. a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing: to find one's niche in the business world.
2. a distinct segment of a market.

So fretting, I come across this lovely blogger who reminds me that to just write for god's sake. That's what you started blogging for. To take the time to empty your mind (gives the inner child more space to play) and as my husband says to keep me out of trouble. So back on track I go.

And that's what I'm gonna do.

So Happy November from Vermont where men are men and wild turkeys are paranoid.
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