Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Holy Moly My Brain Is Smoking!

As I'm sitting here I'm rubbing my eyes, flexing my wrists and rolling my shoulders trying to get some feeling back into my fingers. The reason for my title is three hours ago I decided, after making sure I posted to TheWhackoBlog my tips for chronic pain in a reasonable amount of time, to dress up my header for my blog. If you haven't gone to see Jeremy Crow's blog I highly suggest you go take a gander.

So I head for YouTube where you can find Mike Raven's sometimes hilarious videos, and Jeremy Crow as well. go take a look you won't regret it.

You know how it is, let's try this one...nope, let's try another. I'm using newbie, beginner, dummy taglines so I can learn how to make my header pretty. I finally find a couple that I like and with several screens open I begin to learn.

As I'm going along with the video I had picked out I come to find out I don't have to dress up my header, I can take out the colored background. I'm jumping from screen to screen, back and forth, pause video, bring up my blog, make the switches, repeat.

In between this, I get my crock-pot remembering I wanted to make my homemade spaghetti sauce, so I do that. We are having hot dogs now. Dinner will be much later. Such is the life of a blogger. I say this with a smile.

Click here, clicks there, hmmm. Somethings not right. On my sidebar, it looks messy. I begin to edit taking out this and that until I was satisfied with what I had accomplished. Oh yes, I almost forgot. I was having troubles with where I wanted to switch my gadgets around so thank-you Tim Clark over at Life Explained. I used your blog as my example because I liked the clean lines.
Tim is another wonderful blogger so go see him as well.

Hotdogs are boiling. My poor husband is hungry but patient. My fellow blogger friends were a big help even if they didn't even realise it.

How do you like the new look? Any tips I will take.
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