Saturday, August 29, 2015

I never thought in my lifetime I could...

"throw a name around." The subject of my excitement name is Ben Luna. There, I said it.>waiting for the applause to die down< I met Ben at where I used to work. Eastern & Main Deli/Market was my home for almost 3 years. I met tons of very remarkable people and one of those people was Ben.

He would come in the store where my ex-co-worker/friend would just light right up when he came in the store. So would all the women but she had dibs. He's a good looking man; very easy on the eyes; and super nice as well. He also went to the St. Johnsbury outdoor market and sold the biggest, tastiest, yummy beef burritos that took me 2 meals to eat.

He was also the D.A. at our Court House. I knew when he was leaving for he came in to say good-bye. Of course, we all were a little sad to see him go...especially the women>sniff< For more about Ben go here-

I remember I was out doing my laundry one day at least a year ago; turned around, and there was Ben doing his laundry! I was delighted and so was he much to my happiness; giving each other a hug. I think he's the most important person besides my friends and family of course; that I have ever hugged.

What has prompted this writing is I saw him on Facebook about his case and was so excited I just had to shamelessly brag about it. Here is the link if you are interested-

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