Saturday, September 10, 2016

Grandma Rose DropOut

Go ahead without me.
That post title came to me from that song lyric 'beauty school dropout'. Have you ever just 'dropped out of sight' or simply lose the oompf (is that a real word)? to do something? Bet you have.

My husband just got up asking me what I was doing to which I replied, "I'm blogging to explain why I'm not blogging". I'm so funny:)

I have decided to drop:

  • Tuesday Television 
  • Thursdays Are For Trivia
  • Frugal Friday 
Monday Memories will be still going only it won't always be just on Mondays. My whole blog will be open to whatever pops up and I will be back on more regular basics eventually, for usually, these mood swings don't last too long.

Anyways, my trip to Florida is coming up. I'm looking forward to seeing our newest member of our family and everyone else.

So, peoples of my blogging world, I apologize for dropping clean out of sight, I don't even go on Facebook like I used to but my thoughts of my family will motivate to go see what's new with the family.

Peace and kindness from me to you...Grandma Rose