Friday, February 19, 2016

Shake That 8-Ball!

After a very serious day on my computer okay, I had a few laughs and looked at some of those never ending pictures of cats & kittens, I have made a decision...

Way back, now I sound like a five-year-old remarking (when I was younger) I tried out naming my posts by the days of the week. I remember after two days I developed writer's block staring out into space dreamily.

I think I was trying to channel ideas. Pretty sure I had astonished myself thinking omg what have I done?

My husband, Grandpa Rose (he is the grounded one) suggests that maybe that's too much for me all at once. Okay,  this time, I will listen to him and I stopped to start randomly blogging again.

After all, there is just so much I love to explore and I want to share it all. (That sounded better in my head standing on a mountain top with my arms spread).

Anyways, everyone has a list of their favorite subjects. Top of my list is Movies and T.V. series that I watch on-line. The voices in my head are in a good mood and Sharon my alter ego asks me why don't you include Movies and Tv shows in your blogging? It IS a big part of your life...hmmm?

To which I reply "hot damn"! what a great idea (as if I didn't think of that already) best not to mention that, though. So I agree to 'one' day that is geared to one of my interests not being exactly reviews but what I'm thinking during my shows.

What? Grandpa Rose just told me that 'is' a review. Oh well there then. So stay tuned for Monday Movies which will include T.V. series, the sites where you can watch for free, no commercials, maybe a couple of ads depending on what adblocker you have.

This blogging business can be fun as long as you don't pile it on too fast. At least for me.

What do you think of my one day Monday Movies idea? I love input so do tell.
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