Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vermont Is So Pretty

We just got back in. My husband and I went over to Mom, Dad, and Jack's They live in Marshfield up in the mountains.

We got there about 11:30 am and did the "family thing" hanging out, laughing and talking. Lunch was a hot dog and Lays Chips which evidently there was this chip contest earlier that I had never heard before. Macaroni & Cheese suggested flavor had won. 

A little while later me and Dad were talking about the rain and other topics. He looks at me and asks if I wanted to see the waterfall he was telling me about. I said, "Sure"!

So we did a little "back road boogie" as he pointed out where he had used to live growing up and other points of interest.

Then we got to the waterfall. It had started to rain...a cold rain but it felt good. I hopped out of the vehicle and took some pictures. Can you say awesome?!

Have you ever seen a waterfall up close?

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