Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To Comment or Not To Comment?

Don't you just love thoughts or an idea or thoughts of an idea that just won't go away? For me once it's in there unless I forget it its there for good!

I have been on the net for a long time. Longer then some but not as long as others. Like my husband who is 5 years younger then me has been on computers since they were ungodly huge and bulky.

Anyways I love when a new hobby comes along that shows you the "other side". In this case, the other side of blogging.

It's the comment section awareness. There should be a comment awareness month. Why not? It could make a lot of people happy as long as its nice and helps. No flaming please...or rudeness which reminds me of being careful what you wish for.

For me looking over my posts and seeing a comment perks me right up. So I imagine how someone else would feel as long as no being rude and hiding behind the internet to make someone else feel bad. 

So the conclusion to all this rambling is...I'm making more of an effort to comment when a post appeals, moves or inspires me and you know what? It makes me feel good taking a few seconds to make someone else feel good as well.

What do you think about commenting?


Tysen Couture said...

The Internet can be a rough place for negative comments don't take them to serious.

Sheryl Rose said...

I never will when I got my family and friends surrounding me.