Monday, November 2, 2015

Long-Distance Parental Love

Okay, you've raised your children up to be strong, independent adults and you are proud of them. Give yourself a well-done pat on the shoulder.

They move hundreds of miles away making it impossible to see them on a day to day basis, but that's okay there are  Facebook and Skype. Not to mention phone calls and text messages. Pssst it's not okay, but it's okay to pretend.

They take on a partner that you hope they are happy with, get married, or start to live with each other, wonderful, hope you stay happy. There may be those pesky relationships bumps, but we all have them.

They get back together, you sigh a breath of relief, life goes on.

Then someone has "the fight". They call, you console, you give advice, they cry, you do the mother thing and cry with them. You alternate between consoling and wanting to beat the crap out of the offending partner and giving the advice to stay with offending partner.

All you can do is hope to hell it will work itself out in one way or another, but I'm telling you having your hands tied is not an easy thing. Keeping your smart-ass comments to yourself is a given.

Sometimes your inner child plays dirty and something will leak out to offending party so you have to get away from all means of communication until you calm down.

Hang in there if you are long-distance parent, hopefully, you have a good support system to help and if all else fails, come to mama.
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