Monday, July 6, 2015

Crafting Shibori Looks Fun #FixThePlus *

Today has been quite the eventful day at least

from my perspective.

And it's not over yet.

Went to see Susan, my counselor this morning. I

really love that woman she is so much like me.

We have a lot in common which is always nice.

I have come a long way since February when I first started seeing her.

I loved what she was wearing so she introduced me to the wonderful world of shibori which I cannot wait to try out!

That's next on my craft list.

From what I understand, it's economical and easy.

Right up my alley for I have this glaring white cotton dress I'm 'dying' to try out!

Will let ya know for sure.

I just finish the American Community Survey so now I'm free for the more fun stuff.

So I got a new person to add on Facebook so I'd better get to that before I lose the piece of paper. Bye for now.

What do you like as a craft?

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