Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Shrooms, Facebook, Puppies, Oh My

 Let's face it. Life can be pretty entertaining if you pay attention to what's going on around you. It's 7 am of a grey day. I have been up a whole half an hour trying to get Farmville 2 on Facebook to load. I was interrupted by my free Avast update having to reboot. When did 5 minutes turn into hours? Now Zynga has ads on its side-scrolling prizes.

Which brings me to the two newest ads that I have been noticing as of lately. Poo~porri is one of them. At first, I thought the ad was a joke. The Brits have an amazing sense of humour that is very dry and I love dry humour. The proper young woman sitting on a toilet talking about poo had to be a joke so I looked at the web page, sure enough, there it was. Can you picture Angie's List's reviews? I won't even go there.

The other ad is for that computer chair, Herman Miller Embody. Both I and Mr Rose have wish listed two computer chairs. I was all excited until I got to the price. Holy smokes. Evidently only the well off will have a nice comfortable computer chair to sit in.

To my left is my neighbors who are training their new puppy with the unmistakeable puppy training commands. Good puppy...don't go their puppy...baddddd puppy. Cracks me right up.

I love my shows and movies having finished binge watching Helix (Update: Just found out Season 3 is being cancelled) which was entertaining enough to keep me watching the whole 2 Seasons, I've got 12 Seasons of Bones I'm working on, finished off a couple of new arrivals in Netflix, one movie called Shrooms which got my attention right away.

Now that was an entertaining movie with a twist at the end which I love. This is one of the thoughts that run through my mind when I was watching Shrooms.

"I would like to ask you a question. If you were going out in a forest driving along hitting a ram, look up and two drooling imbeciles were staring at you with an ax...would you keep going or run like hell home". Just say'in.

Last but not least I have been exploring new websites and bloggers from all over the web and having a grand time doing it. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I'm proud to say I haven't had a hangover from too much cheer in years.
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