Friday, May 13, 2016

Frugal Fridays#1 #FixThePlus #FollowFridays

Hi, and welcome to my new Frugal Fridays where you will find ideas, stories, tips, on how to be as frugal as you can be. I have always used an item until it can't be used any longer all the while thinking of what I can do to remake an object as in glass jars, plastic containers, paper, you name it.

A while back I threw my first and last Avon party. I told the friends I invited to bring 'recycled' stuff that we could use as prizes for the games. It was a total success. Then again, I had awesome friends back in Maine.

Again, back in Maine, I had started a garden wanting fertilizer and made a worm bin out of a big plastic bin. 

Even further back when I lived in California, where I grew up my first apt. held a big cable wheel for a dining room table. I just love getting something for free and fixing it up.

So my wish is that you like my new Frugal Fridays and be inspired by what I have to offer for ideas. 

Plastic Bags

To start off with I have a thing about plastic bags and the harm it can do to your environment and wildlife. I once read that small or even larger animals can get stuck in a plastic bag trying to get at any food bits that were left behind suffocating to death. Now I'm sure the land isn't littered with dead suffocated animals gasping for their last breath but just in case I tie used plastic bags in a knot then throw the bag away.

I have my Go Green cloth totes that I like to use with the wide strap it seems to make carrying my purchases easier which I desperately need. I have to stop having so much fun with the clerks at the stores I go to for if I'm not watching they are putting my purchases in their plastic shopping bags, then in my tote which defiantly defeats the purpose of recycling.

I reuse the plastic shopping bags I do end up with as garbage bags but it still bothers me about how long it takes for plastic to biodegrade.
Researchers fear that such ubiquitous bags may never fully decompose; instead they gradually just turn into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic. The most common type of plastic shopping bag is made of polyethylene, a petroleum-derived polymer that microorganisms don’t recognize as food and as such cannot technically “biodegrade.” The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines. 
I just hope that a plan will be put in place to stop this plastic onslaught or the whole planet will someday be smothered.

How do you feel about plastic recycling?

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