Monday, October 12, 2015

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Its been unseasonly hot so its a slow start to leafs falling off this Maple tree.

We had a couple of cold nights.

I love leafs all over the ground.

Tried to get a little more scenery into this picture.

I'm going through my emails and you know how it is, scan through the list, checking the little boxes of the stuff you really have no interest in at that moment, seeing that you have 86 messages, you get rid of the crap first.

In the back of my mind I'm mentally going through the pictures I have left, the fact that fall is almost over knowing this because my husband lets me know that this will be the last 70's degrees day, after that hello 30 degrees weather. I think good deal because in a bit I'm venturing out to get his medications and I will be armed with my camera.

So I'm thinking I've got to get my fall pictures out before it snows although nowadays living in Vermont that could happen  in the next 5 minutes.

Husband just hung up play banging his head saying why did I draw out the conversation this time? (He was talking to his nurse) He chuckles and I calmly reply the reason why and he's on to the next phone call. Like most men, unless he's a telemarketer, phones are for checking messages.

Just came back from Rite-Aid. Its defiantly one of my second homes and I enjoy shopping there. Picked up husband's meds., grabbed some munchies and came back. It's beautiful outdoors what I consider the perfect fall day. Went to take some more pictures and letting you in on a secret...make sure your camera has its memory card before you leave.

So no nice Fall pictures...oh well.

But I'm going to show some of my recent pictures, nothing great but I find it pretty even after 6 years of living in Vermont.
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