Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Finally Showing Finished Shibori Crafts

I was looking through my "pictures for my blog" and came across my dress, that used to be a bright white, and my husband's shirt which started out black.

Now before I start I want to say that I'm one of those lucky people who have their head up in the clouds pretty much all the time. I bought a flannel shirt with a Carebear sitting on clouds quoting,"Get off of my cloud!"

The dress came out without a hitch. I would have liked the dress a deeper blue, but this will do for now. Later on, I will dye it again and it will be like I went shopping! But I have the gist of it and still have half the blue dye left.

I dyed 3 shirts altogether. Two were mine and one was my husbands. I had used some bleach I had already and it did it's thing taking out the color and I liked it. I like the never the same pattern concept.

With Chuck's shirt, however, I had bought some more bleach at the Family Dollar store. I saw concentrated on the bottle, but nothing clicked as far as I was concerned it was just bleach.

So I pour in the bottle, wrap rubber bands where I wanted it to not dye and put the prepared T-shirt in the bleach. The shirt started losing color immediately so I take the shirt out, gave it a good rinse telling my husband about how fast the color came out this time around.

I was at the kitchen sink and husband must of googled about bleach and found out that the bleach companies is selling bottles of bleach concentrated to save plastic.

Bout time I said and the mystery solved.
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