Friday, November 20, 2015

Your Friend The Mailbox...Or Not

Have you ever noticed your love/hate relationship with your mailbox. In my case, my mailbox came with the apartment. It is one of those older mailbox's like the one I grew up with in fact maybe it IS the one I grew up with, my landlady IS 91 years old.

It's dusty and has cobwebs which I gave up long ago trying to keep clean plus I like spiders and let them roam freely as long as they keep to themselves and not bother me. I once read that you swallow bugs in your sleep and do you know your brain weighs 8 lbs?

Anyways I am waiting for some important mail. Usually when I get around to checking the mail it's either stuffed to overflowing or has one little piece of paper that won't slide out of said mailbox making me use my nails to claw it out giving me the metal shivers. ~Shiver~

But the worst that can happen with Mr. Mailbox, I don't know why but my mailbox is a 'he', is when after going down the stairs saying ouch ouch because of knee pain, it's empty...again.

Don't you agree if you live on the 2nd floor the mailman show deliver to you personally? I'd bake Mr. Mailman a batch of cookies for that.

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