Saturday, November 21, 2015

Don't Feed The Dust Bunnies

I came across this wonderful article about cleaning, keeping up with your housework, just do a little bit each day, little bit meaning 15 to 20 mins. spent on a project...a day.

Now you would think after raising 3 kids, hosting numerous parties, keeping up with pets, a cellar, an attic, and everything in between I would be overjoyed. But no, not little perverse me.

I can't do it the way I want to so I want to be able to clean as long as I want to clean, but I'm getting used to not being able to.

Light years ago, yes I'm actually a couple hundred years old, I used to start off my day making a pot of coffee and start cleaning. I would joke that it's better to get it done when I was half awake so it wouldn't be as bad. Everything in its place I would say.

Today my husband and I live in a tiny place for the time being. It doesn't take long for an apt. of this size to get filled up to the It has really interfered with my hoarding personality. So I have started in on our bedroom/living room where our T.V. is anyways.

And I'm overjoyed to find out it's working! I can see progress and then...the dust bunnies started rolling across the floor which promptly made me start sneezing to which my husband called out, "Found the dust bunnies didn't you".

So don't feed the dust bunnies and grab a broom. Any advice will be most welcome. ~Sniff~

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