Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Is It Dear Season Yet?

Out of the distance, not so far away, I hear what at first sounds like fireworks, too chilly to be July, then I remember it's November where the deer are wearing disguises.

Looking back on my first few dare I say years of transplanting from a desert in California namely Palm Springs to Vacationland Maine, it was a flatlander (me) and a Mainer (me # 2) standing back to back.

I LOVED IT. Everything was new and to me exciting and I remember excitedly exclaiming "look at all the steeples" when we reached Biddeford, Maine.

From there I was good-naturedly with a lot of eye rolling turned from a flatlander to I can survive at least 60 minutes in the cold without a jacket. I've grown soft, sweaters all around.

Which brings me to my first deer season which is November. And wearing bright neon orange, Masshole jokes and deer meat aka venison. My first venison ever was deer chops and poor little Bambi quickly became just a Disney show.

Maybe you have had venison as well? It's not for the weak-hearted that's for sure. If you have a deer story do share.

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