Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tips For Unwrapping Butter?

This subject begs to be blogged. You read the articles butter versus margarine. You make your decision, I'll buy both you think. One spreads easy and the other don't. One tastes delicious, the other, not so much.

You have all your groceries put away, including the butter, life is good. Later on, you want those frozen waffles you just bought, forfeiting syrup for just plain old butter.

Getting the butter out of the fridge, of course, it's hard as a wrapped brick which is what I'm getting too is harder than hell to unwrap, every   single    time.

And I'm almost 57 years of age and I still can't unwrap a wrapped butter stick without getting slippery fingers.

Every single time its starts out alright. You carefully unwrap both ends and you think maybe this time but nope.

The wrapper tears causing you to pick at the edges getting butter under your fingernails and fingers all buttery which, by the way, does not taste good when licked off your fingers.

If you know a trick to this odious task do tell and I for at least for a while be very grateful.
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