Thursday, November 12, 2015

How To Be A Proper Blogger.

Okay, I'm doing what I've been learning about blogging and typed in trending social media and one of the suggestions was Buzzfeed.

I look through the News section first and find nothing of interest for as you probably well know, I'm more into the humorous subject and/or poking fun at something.

Moving on I click on Buzzfeed. Kathy Griffin and Kristin Chenoweth pop up. I'm a huge fan of Miss Griffin despite the strong colorful language and enjoy their camaraderie and subject matter which is about worst hecklers ever.

Amused by Kathy and Kristin I now feel like I've known them for years, thanks, girls, I move on to the Life button. Oh boy, this is getting better.I like the Life button.

It's got an article Thanksgiving Dinner in a slow cooker causing me to thinking of writing a book, 101 ways to cook a turkey/leftovers, don't even think about giving any to your dog aka furry friend.

I skim over a model and her eating habits, screw you skinny person, you just reminded me I'm getting hungry.

Next I'm delighted to see Lady GaGa. For some weird reason ever since I saw Lady Gaga on the Jimmy Fallon Show I decided I liked her. Now she is everywhere. Now I got to check American Horror Story: Hotel.

Then I come across a new trend called glittering your roots which remind me of a Gynecological joke about said glitter and how the hell do you wash that all out. I guess it becomes body glitter forever. I scroll down and see How the ~Beep~ do you get it off. Yeah, I already asked that I think, feeling like a smarty pants.

The answer was disappointing to say the least. I have sprayed Halloween glitter over my head in my younger years and don't think I won't do it again now in my "getting older" years, maybe but would you and if you do I wanna see a picture.

Can you think of another way to use glitter?

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