Friday, November 13, 2015

Lucky Friday the 13 th

Today is Friday the 13th. I have never been drawn into the superstition its bad luck, don't walk under a ladder, if you see a black And don't forget mirrors. Cover your mirrors people.

The only thing scary about today is Black Friday shopping. Now that will make you scream in terror.

So I went web-hunting aka surfing. I came across lots of  13 Facts About Friday the 13th so I am going to quote the best ones at least I think.
2. Yet, the Fear is Very Real...
So real that one scientific name wasn't enough. The fear of Friday the 13th is also called friggatriskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia.
 Now say that 10 times really fast!
Friggatriskaidekaphobia comes from Frigg, the Norse goddess of wisdom after whom Friday is named, and the Greek words triskaideka, meaning 13, and phobia, meaning fear. Paraskevidekatriaphobia is also derived from Greek: paraskev√≠ translates as Friday, and dekatria is another way of saying 13. 
Seriously...try and pronounce that what looks like 10 syllable words.
10. And Research Suggests That it May Not be Unlucky After All
There is very little evidence to show that Friday the 13th is indeed an unlucky day. Many studies have shown that Friday the 13th has little or no effect on events like accidents, hospital visits, and natural disasters.
 Now there's a surprise.

All in all, it's just another day and how can it be unlucky. My new foam memory pillow came this morning. It was left in front of a mirror, under a ladder, and a black cat walked bye. Of course, I pun.

How many of you think Friday the 13th is unlucky?

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