Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another Year Older

Today is my Birthday.
57 years ago the world got to be a happier place with me in it. Like my husband often says, "Ask her, she'll tell ya".

Since being the night owls that we are 1 second after midnight, life magically became my birthday. You can almost see those magically fused little B-Day fairies flying around the room. They kinda follow you everywhere.

As promised Husband made my requested Angel Food cake. I had gone all out and skipped the .99 cheapo cake mixes and splurged on the more expensive cake mix. Duncan Hines and I were going to be reunited after a long separation.

A can of cherries and Kool-Whip were waiting in the wings. Now you're going to find out husband does not cook or bake. He can grill and microwave, maybe boil water. But he can read directions.

I'm in the bedroom as pre-requested so that I don't have to fight that urge to help because the husband is ready to go solo on this one. I've got Candyman on Netflix, headphones cranked and proceed to ignore. What's that old show, now I remember, Hogan's Heros with that german guy quipping, "I know nothing!".

A few minutes later husband pops his head in, I lift one side of my headphone and he tells me the first instruction, please use clean utensils while making the cake. I replied that I was glad I had washed up all the utensils, we laugh, he disappears into the kitchen.

Even with that old oven mitt that if you hang on to anything hot for too long will burn your hand, (but it has a kitten on it) forgotten about how beaters will make cake batter fly all around the room, (oops mom-in-law had bought a hand beater) now it's my hand beater and a gas oven, the cake came out perfect.

I was impressed. Then I found out I had introvertly bought what should be shelved under Even your husband can bake this cake because this miracle of a cake mix you only had to add water. Thank-you husband. We have both made it another year.

I have compiled a list of past Birthdays that was a laugh.

1.) Tilted Birthday Cake- I had gotten a new stove that wasn't properly leveled. Taking the cake out I noticed one end of the sheet cake was 1 inch and the other end 3 inches.
2.) A HUGE boob cake made with 2 big mixing bowls. The birthday boy loved big boobs.
3.) A naughty (you boys know what I mean) bachelor party cake with blue frosting. When Mr. Bachelor good-naturedly took a big bite ( he had a big beard) I accused him of eating a Smurf.
4.) The time when I was blending chocolate cake mix and batter went flying everywhere. My daughter left and came back with a yellow raincoat on. 

I love stories so if you have a birthday story please do tell.
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