Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Morning in the life of Grandma Rose...

I'm assuming you care about my morning routine, if not I'm going to tell you anyways...~snicker~

This is my idea of a coffee.
6 am-12 pm-

6 am...
Eyes open, hello world as I pad silently over to the coffee pot. Let's get some coffee brewing. The comforting sound of coffee brewing starts when I push the button to red.

Sits down at the computer and writes idea from last night for a blog. (This is what I do to make the most of "why can't I fall asleep" time).

I decide to check gmail first this am. I have decided to pay more attention to Pinterest especially since I figured out how to put their button on my blog so I go through the Pinterest emails first.

Oh crap the coffee's done...I get up to make my coffee.

It goes like this-
Hmmm...Decides to start a couple of new boards and gives Halloween its own board.
I mean really Sheryl, things that make you smile? EVERYTHING makes me smile.

I finish up satisfied for at least this morning.
Puts on back "why do you need Pinterest"?

Goes through more emails...replies to fellow bloggers that I'm beginning to feel more familiar with.

Bloggers are awesome.

I click on Get Scariest Stories email from U-Tube...listen...listen...(more time goes by, it's getting brighter outside)

I somehow end up watching Jimmy Fallon who's antics totally crack me up.

I eat a frozen smoothie thinking wow, 5 hours went by just like that.
The frozen smoothie did nothing to fill me up so I grab some leftover casserole adding butter to it. I know, I know, damn calories.

I groan to myself like a whiney child, "I don't want to log into MyFitness Pal" even tho it takes minutes of my time but that's too long I sigh.

I go and log in to MyFitness Pal and sure enough in just a few minutes I'm done. Is it okay to leave out my mints because once I start on 1 mint it turns into 20? Now my inside voice is chiding me..."Count those in as well".

I sigh, as I see reality in writing is a lot different than when I'm sucking on those mints 2 at a time. Especially if they melt in your mouth when they are especially fresh.

I think to I really need to lose weight? Another sigh, I'm tired now, time for a nap. Is it too soon to think of taking another nap?

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