Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Birthday To My Husband!

Today marks my husband's 52nd Birthday. Happy Birthday, Honey.

It is quite remarkable how we first met. I had been in several lousy relationships which had ended up with pain and lots of it. Emotional baggage which has taken years to unpack. Physical pain that women aren't supposed to know.

I fell in love easily, get hurt and again would end with a breakup. I would be heartbroken and knowing the routine of the breakup mourning process would drink beer or mixed drinks singing to loud music at the top of my lungs while my friends would come and just be there supporting my grief.
That is when 12 years ago I decided I had had enough. No more. I went off the rails a bit and started eating and eating thinking no one will look at me now reminding me of that movie with Goldie Hawn in it Death Becomes Her with her sitting in a big chair stuffing her face. I swore off smoking, drinking, men and sex, I was done.
Next I went to the library and plopped down on the counter to check out every self-help book I could get my hands on, went home and started to read. I became an expert on abusive and destructive relationships.

2 years went by. I was finally getting a little lonely. I got on my computer and logged into those Yahoo Profiles. I go by face after face of men and come up to this somewhat blurry picture of a man sitting on his couch wearing a baseball hat. I clicked on it, liked what I read, and messaged him on Yahoo Messenger.

We met and all summer went by. He had been in a horrible 12-year marriage that wasn't meant to be, I had my past, we chatted and laughed all summer. The most amazing thing was he was renting from his friend and only lived 3 blocks away. ~WoW

Next came the phone calls and then we met. I opened the door and looked into a nice handsome face with dark blue eyes just like mine and have been together ever since. He is the first overall person that has continuously made me laugh and he thinks I'm almost perfect, but the truth is we are perfect for each other.

Happy Birthday, Charles Rose. I love you and we will help each other finish out this lifetime with a lot of love and laughter.
Now I'm off to frost a delicious chocolate cake.
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