Sunday, August 30, 2015

Its time to grow up grandmas and grandpas!

Every time a child is born so is a grandparent. I have a brand new cutest grandson who could be put on Gerber jars for babies. Being a first-time brand new grandma I wasn't sure what to expect as far as feelings omitting the natural ones; excitement, love, awe, been there done that; especially with the long distance grandma thing which is amusing in itself for when I left California I could give a rat's ass about anyone's feelings but my own. Maybe selfish but if I hadn't made the choices I had made I wouldn't have had such  wonderful adventures.

There is a mommy blogger( shhh I said "mommy"), who I took to her posts right off the bat. She runs +The Spew and I love her blog. Take a look she won't bite...much.

This is a rundown of what happens on the internet when researching. I was reading The Spew and ran across a link to the top 25 mommy bloggers ever. Now keep in mind I'm always looking for research on long-distance grandmas, so I went to take a look. An hour later I had some tips, laughs and saw how other bloggers did there blogs. Then I that big giant blinding light bulb came on over my head; grab the sunglasses this is gonna be a good one; and thought to myself, "Why don't I google top grandma sites?" Ta da aaa. Hurray; lots of grandma sites popped up with chock full of tips on how to be a great long-distance grandma.

So guess what folks; suck it up I say; it is what it is and with my grandson's army of relatives; extended relatives and people who just plain love this little baby...its on!

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