Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New show The Strain is on my brain?

I have a new TV show that at first I wasn't too sure about but as I keep watching its starting to grow on me a teeny tiny bit. It's called The Strain with a way different outlook on vampirism.

It seems that's the in thing now. Taking a subject for a show and altering it hoping to get a new following is what I'm guessing. My most joyous movie moment was when that tongue was pulled out of a guys mouth. Holy moly it was long!

It reminds me of Fear The Walking Dead which shows how it was the days before zombies began their munch. But I don't like the characters especially the teenage drug addict who could use a haircut.

It's taken almost all of season 1 to get used to the characters without me yelling inside my head...KILL HER SHE'S SO STUPID!!! I think I have grown callous watching so much horror, but stupid is stupid.

Season 1 there was some major weeding out of characters so we will see  how many bite it in Season 2, and if it gets any better. At least there are no sprinting vamps or zombies. That shits so dumb. Zombies that can run faster then when they were alive.

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