Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hell Ya I'm Still Here

Love This Show
I was going to wait until tomorrow to post and I just got done watching 
CSI Cyber Episode 6. A guy got caught murdering his girlfriend. One of those guys who either make excuses why they are within their rights to toss a woman about or just don't care.

The show is awesome in its own right involving hackers and computers and I hope it makes it to Season 2.

So the bastard is caught and it got me to thinking how lucky I was surviving a lifetime of getting hurt one way or another. Either by myself or by another. 

I have had eight broken fingers, a broken jaw, a shattered ankle, three C-Sections, a 4-hour surgery to remove a 7 lb. fibroid, almost broke my neck...twice...once my fault, once another's fault, cracks all down the left side of my vertebrate,  Spinal Meningitis, Hep C, I was working 2 jobs when I was getting the 6 month treatment, a Gastric Bypass, been dropped on my tailbone, thrown across the room banging my head, have had a sharp edge rammed into my kidney causing me to piss blood for a week, split my lip and that was 6 stitches, broken a tooth, nearly skinned my thumb causing 13 stitches, a vertebrate that is off centered, contacted Scabies, now that was gross, crabs, which was double gross, scars everywhere, sexually molested as a young child, some of these things in the name of love.

I dare say I'm lucky to still be here and with a man that I will never have to fear for my life and bodily harm again and I won't have to cause bodily harm to another ever again.

If you need help don't hesitate.

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