Friday, August 7, 2015

Oh No I Didn't!

I am so amazed at myself that I decided to record my amazement in my blog. Are you ready...I read an article out of Automobile magazine... September's. Of course, it has a link to their website which is

I started reading and it's about a man who travels as far as states away to purchase a vehicle. And that reminded me of my Dad who used to travel towns away...we were middle class after buy

Love Bug cars so he could convert them into dune buggies.

He would travel to buy the car. Work in the garage for a couple of weeks modifying it. Take us to Glamis and drive the hell out of it a couple of trips...Repeat.

I personally am old-school with the big roaring engines and driving nowadays I'm thinking how quiet it is on the road now. 

Give me a V-8 engine any day cos I love the way they grumble.

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