Saturday, August 8, 2015

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

After checking Tysen & Britany's timelines
on Facebook; (my kiddos) reading their posts and comments I came across where the coming baby who is due September 10th, the room isn't done yet. 

But that's okay because anyone who has had a baby knows that at the beginning you have all the time in the world. Then you're at the halfway mark...still got time.

Then the countdown begins as your excitement grows and the last month flys by.

I remember all that with my first born. That "due date" day was finally here. Okay baby, where are you? The day after the due date...ahem...anytime now baby. Six days after the due date, enough was enough so my mother stepped in.

We got in her Volkswagon and did the backroad boogie bouncing me all over the place which was a lot of fun by the way. Next day hurray! Here came the most imaginable pain ever, but it had worked. But that was my oldest. Amy is her name. 

Back to Tysen. The second time around I should have been prepared but nope. The months flew by and money was tight or whatever the reason was back then, I was having fits because my baby had nowhere to sleep~horrors~I'm a bad mom already~sob~.

So I came up with making a drawer into a little bed. It had padding, baby blankets and stuffed animals. When I laid him down in, he went right to sleep, I was right impressed with myself, elevating up to "Best Mom Of The Year" stats. Within a few days, he had his bassinet. I love the look of a bassinet. But cradles are the best although I never got one of those.

They say third times a charm and I finally got it right by my third child...Ariel. She was all set up with a bassinet, the crib was already put up and everything in its place.

Your best bet...Don't Sweat The Small Stuff for its all about the baby and he won't care where he or she sleeps only the love from Mommy and Daddy.
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