Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dealing with weight.

I logged into Facebook to check a few things...okay...I'll say check if any world altering fate had happened with my kids. Nothing except little prego Britany's Birthday is coming up in just a few days. I knew it! And she's not even blood but I still had this "feeling".

Anyways I started scrolling and browsing stopping to chat with my son Tysen about said above paragraph coming across a video called What Would You Do? It was about heavy people and I have been dealing with the issues behind my fat/overweight issues so I was interested and watched it. Here is the link:

Now I'm not promoting obesity and if it's a life-threatening issue please do get help from your primary doctor. But there is a lot of in between that I personally am dealing with. Let's start with genetics. You may have heavy parents or grandparents who struggle with weight. You may just love the hell out of food like I do. And being a great cook helps as well.

I used to throw awesome Food Parties when I lived in Maine. Everyone I invited came and we ate, drank and had a wonderful time. Everyone was all shapes and sizes and still are. >>Pausing to reflect a time long ago<<

So here is the deal. I have done and got hooked on speed and diet pills. In my young and wild years, I partied with the best of them and was nice and skinny and my milkshake brought all the boys to my yard...literally...I had a ton of friends and love/d every single one of them although as the years go by they are slowly being weeded out may they ~RIP~

I would literally starve myself until I grew used to the dull ache in my belly and even went as far as surgery. I even stopped smoking and drinking this bypass surgery was so important to me...not to mention I was a borderline diabetic.

And it was wonderful shrinking down to the size I wanted to be without suffering all the ill effects of dieting. Hearing the sound of a zipper was a real treat. It's funny. Thinking back I started out wearing sexy clothing but as time went by I was back to my T-shirts and comfy pants.

I was also speed walking which was great. I could speed walk a couple of miles and at the time lost 14 lbs. I had finally won the battle of the bulge...hallelujah...I hear the angels singing but then>insert doomsday music< dum dum de dum mmmm, thunder and lightening please...

My aches and pains from my previous ailments and accidents started kicking in and threw a big ole screw into the works as in SCREW YOU lose<no pun intended> 

So for awhile now I have been coming to grips with making peace with whatever my weight wants to be at for one who is not physically fit...oh I miss walking and working for that matter. I wrote down what I ate for a week and was puzzled by how much my body looks like it's eating but not looking like how much I about weird.

Oh, good grief...That song I fought the law and the law won has now been transferred to I fought the fat and the fat won...I just can't stay serious, but that's one of the things I love about myself. 

Where was I? Oh yeah...I have been drinking/eating what are now frozen green smoothies so I know I'm healthy enough so I'm not gonna sweat it. I have been in the weight range of 101lbs-279 lbs. Time to give it a break because no one cares how I look...except me.

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