Sunday, June 5, 2016

Go Ahead, Give Yourself a Pat On The Back #FixThePlus

Hello, everyone. I thought I would never see the day but I did it! I finished one of my To-Do list which was organised my bookmarks. I have one happy Notepad. 

One by one I went to every page I had bookmarked copying and pasting  through dozens of bookmarked addresses arranging them into doable subjects enabling me to visually know what I'm doing. 

I still have quite a few addresses getting rid of the doubles and triples deleting all of those so my list looks so nice and neat. I'm going to share them but you will have to copy and paste into your address bar, there are just too many to link. Hope you find something useful here.


Articles --> Pocket --> Favorite --> Buffer

 social networks


FACEBOOK (I did have 9 of these I joined. I went through and kept only this one) Thank-you +Jeremy Crow!


Looking back I can't believe I have done all that and I will diffently refrain from adding more until I have already learned what I already have.

What do you do to stay organized?

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