Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Memories #11 #FixThePlus

Continued from the last Monday Memories #8
There was a break for Memorial Day

If you know what a dune buggy is then you know where Glamis is. 

Our family's camper got a workout going there. Whenever we were going to go on a trip my chore was to clean out the camper. 

It was the kind of camper you attached to the top of a truck which at the time I thought was pretty neat.

Living in the desert there was always sand involved getting into everything. I would wipe the inside all down and make the bed that was on top in the front. I would check to see what we needed then bring out the supplies putting them away.

Glamis is a big square desert with miles and miles of dunes. My Dad, would buy an old Volkswagon and turn it into a dune buggy. There was welding and 'don't look' cautions that just made you want to peek at the welding. I loved the welders helmet making my dad look badass. 

The garage had tools hanging on the back wall and a bench that my dad built with those big red tool chests and welder machine underneath. I used to go out and sit and talk to him while he would be working away or trying to get out of being grounded which worked 99% of the time! 

The finished dune buggy would look awesome and off we all would go to Glamis to try her out. Try and imagine 100 or more Chevy engines starting up at once and following a trail to get to the best dunes. I was in heaven. 

One camping trip I remember quite well there was a full moon around Thanksgiving. It had just gotten dark with everyone climbing into their dune buggies starting them up. With all those V-8 engines starting up all at once, the roar was deafening and my eyes would sparkle with anticipation. 

With the full moon, you could see quite clearly as if it was a cloudy day all the dune buggy's one by one started down the trail that has been traveled over thousands of times heading for the best dunes. These dunes were so big that when you are on top and look down, the people and vehicles looked like ants. This place is huge and I will never forget the weekends of endless fun we as a family had.

I found this video for you to watch.

Where was your favorite place to have fun at?

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