Friday, June 3, 2016

Frugal Friday#4 #FixThePlus #FollowFridays

Hurray, it's another Friday for all you work'in folks, goodbye work-week, hello weekend! When I got my first factory job I was thrilled that you got the weekends off, although when Monday rolled around that's how my head felt, like it was rolling around.

Along with Friday comes my Frugal Friday which I talk about the earth's pressing environmental problems trying to help out with a few ideas to try and help this place we call Earth. Can you image if every piece of trash on land and water was placed in a big pile how big that would be? Huge.

Today's topic is cigarette butts. You know how it is. You go for a walk somehow not seeing the litter that is practically all around you because you are desensitized from seeing it all the time. Now I have been a former smoker going back and forth with that annoying habit so I'm not here to preach.

Yesterday I paid special attention to noticing the ground and honestly it's gross. Everywhere you look there are cigarette butts on the ground, gathered around buildings, stubbed out in the planters I saw, floating in a couple of buckets of water, you get what I'm saying? And let's not forget the big piles of butts from cars in parking lots lining the shrubbery.

Yes, I have been guilty of all that and one day I woke the hell up stubbing out my cigarette putting into my pocket, plastic bag or trash can that was near. When at home I started filling the leftover metal cans from coffee and the way I drink coffee which by the way I'm slowing down on my caffeine intake, fill up the can and even being a smoker opening that coffee lid stunk to high hell. Pee-yew!

As far as the waterways go, like the street drainage where all the rainwater flows through to our rivers and drinking water? I have to imagine nicotine all through the water ~Ew~ I don't know if that's true but our drinking water sucks and that could be the reason why!

So if you smoke and butt it, don't throw it on the ground or in the water or practice your flicking abilities, throw it away after it has firmly been put out and the wildlife will thank you as well.

What do you think?

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