Sunday, May 22, 2016

Picking Away At My To-Do List

I'm happy to announce that I actually got to my photos arranging them they way I want them, at least on my desktop. Now for my albums and Photobucket. A little here a little there, don't worry as long as you advance forward.
I am experimenting with my Pinterest Boards on the advice of someone I read said would help my boards be more focused on what I'm most interested in and blog the most about. For example, I have a Purple Board. I'm sure you have seen those boards are beautiful but do I ever talk about purple when I post? Not yet anyways. So I made it secret along with a few others. The idea is to attract fellow pinners who have the same interests as you do focusing on blogging of course in an effort to draw in traffic.

After I checked my email and clicked on a link for YouTube and there went two hours! I was drawn into underwater ocean life moving on to my favorite The Paranormal stories.

I seem to be doing alright with my weekly posting which is:

  1. Monday Memories
  2. Television Tuesdays
  3. Wednesday Redos (at least until I'm caught up)
  4. Thursdays Trivia
  5. Frugal Friday

Sat. & Sun. a little studying, sweeping and polishing to be the best I can be. If not I know how to Google and ask for help.

Until then, have a wonderful evening/day.

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