Thursday, May 19, 2016

Frugal Fridays #2 #FixThePlus #FollowFridays

Last week's Frugal Friday #1 I talked about plastic. Plastic is right there at the top of nature's hit list taking 450 years to degrade. That's a long time. The land, lakes, ponds and oceans are all being swallowed up by plastic that has been thrown away or blown away. Just ask +Tim Clark about a plastic bag sticking to his hot muffler.

Another post I wrote about Giant Pacific Garbage Patch to which there is some progress being made but not much. It's a horrible thought of the ocean sea life has to suffer because of man. There is nowhere safe for an animal, land or sea.

I came across this YouTube video and absolutely love the idea of building this greenhouse out of 2-liter plastic bottles. Wouldn't it be the neatest project to build greenhouses, dog houses, anything you could think of to make. The woman said during her talk that 32 Million tons of plastic get thrown away every year. A bridge could be made out of that!

Do you have any ideas what you could use a plastic bottle for?

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