Monday, July 20, 2015

Day Dreaming During The Walking Dead #FixThePlus

I'm taking a break from binge watching The Walking Dead. I am on Season 3. 

Rick and his little helpers have taken over a prison full of ugly gooey really hungry dead guys. Oh...I saw one woman.

I'm sorry to put you through my thinking progress but not sorry enough to not put my thoughts to post so I have some questions about zombies.

Dear writers of zombies,

Why are they moaning all the time? Is it because they're dead?? Shut the hell up zombie people, you are giving me a headache! I guess you can't have a walking dead Pac-man wanting to gobble you up not giving you any warning, moan away dead gooey zombie.

Then I was thinking how old and decayed can a zombie get? The scene of the bicycle girl well now she was old. Old and decayed just a skeleton laying there...well half a skeleton anyways. 

I'm thinking to myself ew gross and what if she did bite Rick? Sure she could take a big ole bite but then what? Where does that bite go? Down her throat and back on the ground again? Hmmmmm

I put logic to the test. Okay, the person dies. His or her brain reactivates. So it's not science but I'm not a scientist either! So let's kill Mr. Zombie you have to kill his brain so in order for a quickly shambling, moaning, snapping, gooey zombie to die his brain has to decay first. Okay, got it.

One more thing I zombies poop?

Thanks for coming along for the ride inside my head!

Do you ever daydream during your favourite show?

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