Friday, April 29, 2016

Tips On How Not To Lose Your Mind In Cyberland #FollowFriday #FixThePlus

We all know what it is like on the internet. Way back when my son convinced me to buy a computer for 'homework' he warned, "Mom be careful, you can become addicted", to which I scoffed off as please, not me. But addicted I became.

I was so green that instead of making online files I printed everything in sight using computer paper and ink at an alarming rate. Plus I would download everything in sight because it said 'free download'. What could possibly go wrong?

My son would sigh and tell me, "That's okay mom I will fix it" and spend about an hour getting my computer away from those internet trolls. Again he would patiently give me the same advice over and over again until it finally took. Thank you, son, I love you. Ariel too just in case your reading this:)

I started out my morning with my coffee going thru my Google alerts (at least that still works) Of course when you share and click on the hopefully working G+ boxes, you get another flow of alerts from your G. friends.

In between that, I read one of +Jeremy Crow  from The Whacko Blog to sign in to your friend's blogs that you follow so if it all goes to hell, we still got each other together. Great advice.

Working on your computer is a lot like working, actually, if I think about it is work. I have taken to reminding myself to take breaks as if it was an off-line job. Now it's been about three hours since I started wanting to achieve some headway to what I want to do so I'm making a list.

1. Read your favorite blogs, comment and share with #FollowFriday  #FixThePlus. (I always forget the days of the week themes but I'm getting better)

2. Drink some coffee and stare out the window dreamily. (You might want to rub your eyes and a little Visine wouldn't hurt)

3. Go to your Google + profile to say hi and share. (Don't get distracted by all the pretty pictures. I'm very much like Dora on Finding Nemo, I love that movie)

4. Do # 2 again and this time, you can do some slow neck rolls. (With this damn fibromyalgia and even if you don't have it, loosens up your neck and shoulders).

5. Make a list of the stuff you want to do and do it one task at a time. (Or at least keep it in the same catagory).

6. Fix and refresh all my posts that need it. (I just thank the forces that are I only have a couple hundred).

My list today and the problem the next couple of days is this.

A. Sign up on all my blogs that I haven't already signed up for. (I love people and have the good fortune to have a lot of bloggers I follow.

B. Sort out my Pinterest Board into more sub-categories. (This is good to do before you accumulate too many pins). I also schedule my pins now using a program called TailWind but check frequently for those internet burbs).

C. Sort out my bookmarks. (My friend  Becky Barnfather at Organizing Made Fun would be horrified as I am, it would be like opening your closet door with everything tumbling out on yourself).

6. Go back to #2 and Eat something! (Those internet munchie crumbs aren't going to fall on your keyboard by themselves).

7. Walk away from your keyboard, go for a walk, which I'm going to do shortly.

 So there you have how to not lose your mind in cyberland.

100 Exquisite Adjectives by Mark Nichol

I love learning new words or being reintroduced to one. I ran across a list of them and will add a word a day.

Word#55 Mannered: artificial, stilted

In a sentence: Hopefully my post is as well-mannered as I could make it.


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