Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday's Entertainment #FixThePlus

Yesterday was my day of rest...sorta. I did do some blog related stuff, cleaned a little, did my dishes, basically sat back and binge watched The Vampire Diaries. I finished off Season 7 which kept me up until 5am in the morning.

Just in time to hear this one bird chirp over and over and over again, let's not forget the Woodpecker which sounded like that bird was right out my window. Needless to say, I'm a tad bleary eyed, but well satisfied.

I waited purposely for Season 7 to be done so I could binge on vampires, the drama was something else. Surprising alliances were made, partnerships kept changing enough to keep me going. Just  one  more episode I kept telling myself.

Even if your not into horror, gore and bloodsucking, this show does have a story that didn't get boring, at least to me. So give it a try.

I was turned on to and found this site to be of good quality. Just follow the instructions if you become stuck.

Have a great Monday!

51 Pieces of Movie Trivia You May Not Know
8. For Dr. Strangelove, Peter Sellers was paid $1 million, 55 percent of the film’s budget. Stanley Kubrick quipped “I got three for the price of six.”
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