Friday, April 1, 2016

How To Be A Better Blogger Can Steal Your Day

Where did my day go??
Determined to learn more about blogging fixing my photo on my last post thanks to Jeremy Crow over at The Whackos Blog I took a nap. You did what? I thought you were going to tell me something about Stealing you're asking yourself. I started when I got up!

In my pursuit of being the best blogger in the whole wide world, at least, to me and my loyal readers, (all three of them) I sit with new determination and start typing in the keywords that will make my dream come true. When I had rolled out of bed it was bright and sunny. A great day for Vermont. I read what comes up, some of it I can understand but come on, I'm not asking for college courses, free this or free that hmm.

I found the perfect answers when I typed in how to be a better blogger for dummies. That did the trick! As I'm reading with awe and amazement that I actually understood what was written in front of me taking notes as I'm reading and pinning to Pinterest. You can find that on my Pinterest link on the right side of  this posting. Blogs/Bloggers/Blogging Tips & Tricks is the board.

Which reminds me to go back and check my own board instead of pinning and bookmarking to my favorites. The list got so long no wonder I scared myself!  Needless to say, I'm hard at work studying, finding really cool generators, getting tips, joyfully reading along I notice it's getting darker...and darker...I'm squinting now, I look up to no more sun it's pitch black outside. Being a better blogger just stole my day!

Here is what I accumulated while the day went by.

I went down to my labels to find the most used.

life (72) family (57) Vermont (34) blogging (16) movies (15) blog (13) Christmas (12) Holidays (11) baby (10) horror (10)

This list is to help you along with your headliner,ideas. What grabs a readers attention. I have got the bullet point for lists down. What to do to make a great blog.

  • Reasons
  • Ways
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Secrets
  • Ideas
  • Techniques
  • Strategies
  • Facts
  • Methods
  • Statistics 
  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • Smart
  • Surprising
  • History
  • Hacks
  • Big/Huge
  • Shocking
  • Bullet points for lists
  • Numbered bullets for a series of tips
  • Smaller images to highlight a point you’ve made
  • A block quote to break up a long series of paragraphs
  • Large headings to separate different topics and sections
Shew that's enough for today or my night will be stolen!

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