Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Movies, On-Line Fun

Good morning and it's our lovely Monday morning. If you say it enough times maybe you will believe it! I have been very lucky this week with some really good movie suggestions from Nikki posting over at,' hi Jeremy', and you can find Nikki at She reviewed which I loved by the way. The difference between us is I suggest movies that I have watched and where, she reviews the movies in detail. Does a wonderful job. You can find the cast list by clicking on Horrible Bosses 2.
Click on Hateful 8 to see full cast.
Click on Plan 9 to see full cast.
Click on Avas Possessions to see full cast.
Click on Sisters to see full cast.
Click on Zoombies to see full cast.

If you like even one of these movies I will be happy. Have a happy monday and don't work to hard.

I'm thinking going along with Monday Movies, On-Line Fun I will quote a little know Trivia facts about the movie industry that you may or may not know.

 1. Die Hard originated from the failed script of Commando 2.

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