Thursday, March 10, 2016

Copyright This!

Hello, and how are you today, or should I say night. I'm sitting here after about two hours learning about how to stay out of trouble looking into  copyright policies.  I have, and the sites I visited did mention to be careful about 'stealing' another's (what happened to share?) ideas whether it be photos, art, music, anything you can imagine. They are right about one of their points about being on the web for as long as I have you can get lax and let your guard down.

Now I know the most obvious rule. 'Give credit where it is due' showing the link of the website you want to share what you have learned. My own 'rude awakening' was an email from Pinterest. They had to take down some of my pictures that I had pinned. I was under the impression if it shows that little red pin logo in the corner or anywhere around it, it's okay to pin it. Except on Facebook, they make it very clear you can't use their photos and you can't automatically, evidently someone complained and I'm glad all that happened where the offending photos were taken off my board.

So I decided to take a deep breath cos I hate studying this crap and really anything at all, telling myself do it when your nice and alert for only about two hours, which I did. >patting self on back< So I actually learned how to do what it takes to find infringement free photos which I will share what I found for information and for free images. I had no idea after all these years at the bottom right-hand side on Google there are three links to use. Privacy Terms and Settings. This is after you call up Google and click on 'images'. Then you can custom click what you actually want. What a deal.

The thing is for the next few days rest of my life, I will be taking, at least, an hour out of my day to follow up on all this stuff.

The More Serious Stuff

The Fun Stuff

What do you do to protect yourselves?

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