Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How To Survive Moving To A New Town

Hello everyone, my husband and I are officially in our new apartment. My usual posts,  Monday Memories, Tuesday Television, Thursdays Are For Trivia and Frugal Friday will be put on hold, for now, it will give me more freedom to get used to cable T.V. again and unpack all these boxes!

Let's start from the beginning. The big day had arrived. Moving day!! It took two sweaty days to load our boxes and bed. The days have been hot with high humidity, everyone was drinking tons of water. 

I had done as much cleaning as humanly possible with my ailments which I had already conveyed to my landlady. She was super understanding. In fact, I'm not being charged for the extra cleaning that needs to be done.

Next came bringing it all up to the third floor and hallelujah, we have an elevator which is the coolest thing ever being new to it and all. 

To move from a furnished efficiency place to a two-bedroom home is awesome. The kids pestered for pictures which I sent right away. They are real happy for us. You know that old saying, "To appreciate something, you should go without it" Or did I just make that up? Oh well, all I know are we are deliriously happy.

Is this not a cool bathroom? Two things happened when I saw the medicine cabinet. It's very long having lots of room. I dare say it is meant for holding lots of medications! The other thing the first time I saw my reflection coming out of the shower I immediately went on a serious food change. I have lost five lbs. already!

Now for the shower which I need to put up the shower curtain my mom-in-law gave us, tossed me right out of it. I went from a tiny bathroom which I posted a while back to hang on to those safety rails for dear life. 

We have two borrowed plastic chairs which my husband used so it seemed safe enough, except for me. I wanted to shave my hairy legs so I set up the chair, sitting down, soaping up my legs and started to shave. Next thing I know I'm sitting on the floor making a loud, at least to me, crash.

So here I am sitting on the floor half in, half out and thought frig it, continuing to shave then got up thinking to myself is nowhere safe for me! 

I can not wait to fix up my new bathroom!

I'm in love with my kitchen. Still sorting and I may change it all around before I'm through but I'm happy as hell.

Beds messy but I made a dresser out of boxes until either A we get a dresser or B we get a lot of boxes.

I'm officially a flatlander with no hills to climb, all the shops are within walking distance, I am so happy I could burst.

Do you have a moving story?

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