Thursday, December 3, 2015


Welcome to ThriftyThurdays where I can address my love for saving, reusing and recycling. Earlier I was thinking to myself what in the world was I going to blog about telling Grandpa Rose now that I'm trying out something new with my blog I think I got writer's block for the first time. As always he reassures me and continues to put up our little Christmas tree.

Now that I've started blogging it's in the back of my mind all the time. I see an opportunity for a Christmas post so I grab my camera  to take a picture and the batteries are dead. Oh for heaven's sakes I exclaim and calmly as always Grandpa Rose just murmurs just charge them up, sweetie. And it hits me, I have a blog for Thursday just like that.

A few months ago I got my new camera. It takes three triple A batteries and after continuously buying and changing the batteries that were really interfering with my 'use it 'till you can't no more' policy.

Grandpa Rose got on-line and we became the proud owners of Rayovac batteries and charger. We have used this charger for several months and I recommend buying one. Saves you from having to leave the house as well. The tree trimming is put on hold, but there will be pictures.
What do you like to save on? I love stories so do tell.
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