Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mr. Ice I'm Getting Rock Salt Jr.

I fell down hard today and went  ~thud~ today on my walk down the railroad tracks.

Mrs. Snow was on top of Mr. Ice and down I went slamming my right knee, both palms and almost broke my ring finger that had already taken abuse.

I let out a loud explicit exclamation that that sent birds flying, wildlife stopped to stare, dogs started howling, echoing all across town.

Needless to say, no one came out of their houses, I think I scared them.

I came out of it with a scraped knee which aches, my palms aren't speaking to me, finger is doing well.

Beware Mr. Ice, I got a bag of Rock Salt Jr., I'll sprinkle on yer ass.

Be careful out there in Winterville. And Mrs. Snow I'm telling Mr. Snow.

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