Friday, February 12, 2016

It's Going To Be a Chilly Valentine's Day

Sunday is Valentine's Day. I love the way time zooms on by, you look at the Calendar and presto, there's another holiday, in this case, being Valentine's Day.

Pretty cool it landed on a Sunday for the working folks and all around just plain everybody. I personally like to take advantage of the candy sales although at this point I won't be doing any candy sale shopping for the start of March will start watching what I eat.

My earliest memory of Valentine's Day was in grade school where students would either make or our mother's would buy Valentine's Day cards. I remember moving to San Deigo, California when I was eight years old and having a big Valentine's Day card sent to me from my third-grade class and teacher.

My family did end up moving back to Palm Springs, I kept that Valentine Card for a long time.

I thought I would look up Valentine stuff, as inspiration for this post, coming across this link of how cold it will be this weekend. Stay inside with your pets and eat candy. Sounds like Halloween!

The links below are for anyone who procrastinates myself being a big fan of. Either I procrastinate or I'm done way ahead of time. I hope this can give you some ideas.

Happy Valentines Day early to everyone. May it be a nice, warm, relaxing day for all.
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