Thursday, October 22, 2015

Links In Life, Never Doubt

I'm at this moment listening to Oprah. I started out going through my emails which I try to do at least a few a day to avoid email bombardment. 

I visit a new blog, at least to me, I had joined from another blog thinking to myself, don't over do it and join/follow too many interesting blogs,
I really can't afford to pay for help sorting through emails. So I'm saying hi again on this new blog the proper way and finish, feeling that completed feeling.

Now I know myself. In Tarot, I'm The Fool. Jump in, realise the water's awful deep, running/swimming backwards to fix it or at least make it tolerable. So true to form I'm thinking am I taking on too much...again. Plus I fall into the habit of doubting and questioning myself. I have always approached life wanting to get to the end first instead of taking the time to get there...oops.

So back to the subject at hand. Life's links can come in many shapes and forms for I got my answer after listening to Oprah talking about wanting something and it manifesting right then and there which has happened to me so many times. Those feelings you get somethings not quite right or you can't sleep that night and the answer can come right away or take its sweet time.

All this led me to Jeff Weiner's conversation with a mother with her dying son saying, She crawled into bed with him as he was dying. And his last words were, "Oh, it was all so simple." And then he smiled. When she said that, I got chills. We're going to take our last breath and say, "Why were we struggling all that time?  Why were we swimming upstream? Where all we had to do was just look at each other and accept each other for who each of us represents on the planet.” I thought back to that quote. Ah, it was so simple. I didn't have to fight that hard. It didn't have to be that hard.
Question answered from the universe, at least for today, keep it simple and have a great time doing it.

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