Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Toast and Ancient Aliens

After 5 days, I have a husband home again. This is a hospital's idea of going home the following day...

So the patient knows what to bring and the family knows what's going to happen as far as bringing patient home.

Patient- Do you know how long I will be here?
Doctor- If all goes well and I don't see any problem here, the next day.
Wife- Oh good, I won't pack anything extra for him, just clothes.
Family- Its only a 1 and a half hour drive, no problem. We will be here.
Doctor- Comes out after surgery and tells family all went well, the family is relieved, wife grabs packed the bag, after all, the patient won't need it says the nurse. (At this point family had to leave and the patient is still in recovery). Wife is sad.

5 days later husband is finally well enough to come home with a home nurse coming 3 times a week for a couple of weeks. Then he gets to go back for the grafting and do this all over again.

But the surgery went well. They removed the boils from his hidradenitis around his groin area and he has a vacuum-pack attached sucking out all the poisons and is extremely uncomfortable.

A very nice male nurse is here as we speak working on him now. My husband is mostly a champ about all this, but it does catch up with him. I try and help the best I can making him toast for breakfast and found his favorite show on Netflix called Ancient Aliens.

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