Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Children Also?

I'm telling you this is a sore subject for me. Two points of interest. One, weight gain and two, children. Put the two together and what do you get? A sore subject that's what.

I got this from a Thrive Market's email which at first glance caught my attention because they deliver. I'm having a bit more trouble getting out right now especially since it's winter so I look for home food delivery. Then I saw the prices. Maybe someone else in a better place financially can take advantage.

Always curious I start googling about dieting and sure enough, 34 % of 5-year-old girls do think about dieting and this is with a parent's influence of course.

 I went to my six-month exam yesterday. Taking shoes off and putting my purse down didn't make much of a difference on my weight numbers. But yesterday's visit got me to thinking about the article I read and what we teach our kids.

The number one rule you grew up with was clean your plate, 'specially if you took  a second helping. Good rule? Bad rule? Who knows. There are a lot of mixed messages out there. Feed the homeless but you read articles of restaurants and grocery stores throwing their 'expired' stuff away.

Then there is the occasional article about that random obese child whose weight is wildly out of control. So, in conclusion, is it a good idea that some of our kids are already thinking about weight gain at such a tender age?

As long as they are not barfing (I know, gross) I think maybe it's good that 34% are in touch with themselves early on.

What do you think? I love stories so do tell.
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