Sunday, December 20, 2015

Take Anything Away But My Shopping

It finally snowed, the sun came out, time to go shopping folks. Even though I want to live closer to a bus stop I can still, as long as the snow is not too deep,  go out back of my neighbor's yard, up this little hill up onto the train tracks, Family Dollar is right at the top. Easy Peasy.

I decided it was time to go shopping so off I went marveling how 'warm' it still is deciding its okay if the snowfall holds off.  The wildlife, plant life, and trees are a little confused, but nature is adjusting.

I shop strolling up and down all the aisles picking out this and that having a grand time. I get back making 'kinda' loud noises hoping Mr. Rose will awaken so I can show it all off.

Since I'm a mom buying anything even if it's a dollar thrills me making me happy.

Mr. Rose gets up and this is the conversation we have as I'm reading the checkout receipt:

Me- I got you some things for Christmas would you like to open it now or wait for Christmas. 
Mr. Rose- I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that so I'll open it now.
Me- Clapping hands smiling.
Mr. Rose- Awesome honey, I've been wanting one.
Me- I have grown tired of doing dishes so I bought paper plates. I don't care if I have Moon Breeze Dish Soap.
Mr. Rose- Your Moon Breeze Dish Soap will last longer then.
Me- Merry Christmas, I thought you could use a 'manly' hair brush.
Mr. Rose- Me manly and starts making caveman noises brushing his hair telling me that he feels more manly already.
Me- ~Smiles~
Me- Merry Christmas honey, it's all for you.
Mr. Rose- How did they get the sunshine in a bottle.
Me- Maybe that's where all the missing sun rays have gone. You'll come out of the shower and I'll wear my sunglasses.

That wasn't the whole list of course, but it sure was fun reading them all off.
So there is some more of Grandma Rose and Mr. Rose's corny one-liners.

Who loves to shop? I love stories so do tell.
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