Friday, December 18, 2015

No Time Like The Present, Unless you want to give me one

Christmas songs and Christmas bells. Which I was one for two years in a row ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Chilly but fun. I was paid five bucks an hour and that was okay. I bought a lot of Christmas extras mostly buying for the kids who were learning the importance of blending in with their school chums.

Great Christmas songs that bring back memories of past Christmas's, the one year when I wanted to bake cookies and give them out for Christmas. I made around ten different baked goods making the goodie cookie platters for the neighbors look delicious and huge. That was a fun year.

And most of all "I have been touched by the souls of some beautiful people and for that I am grateful". It even has a rose in the picture. When I think back of all the people that I have somehow interacted with there is one that I loved her so much she was like a sister to me that when she passed several years ago today, I got a tattoo in memory of my dearest soul sister. Soul, being the key word here. If we ran into each other in where ever we end up doing when we pass from this earth, only our souls would recognize the other for I sure don't know what she looked like when she was alive. Her name was Diane Bain and here is how we met.

I had finally gotten a computer at my son's urging. Back in 2001 thereabouts I was deeper into Astrology than I am now so one day I decided to explore one of those sites although I have forgotten the name of it, meeting a woman becoming really close. I stayed close friends with this woman and the other day I came across an old letter from Diane reading it made me feel like she was standing next to me.

I also got a Bingo on-line job from that site, but that is a whole new story. Bingo people are scary until you get to know them. Just kidding, love you all dearly.

Christmas is almost here for those of you who are shaking, poking, lifting odd shaped presents...stop that.

For all the rest of you I'm very content of all the people I have met good, bad, indifferent for all was a lesson and I can't wait to meet more of you.

Do you have something that you are happy with? I love stories so do tell.

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