Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Interest In Pinterest Is Growing

I am really getting into my Pinterest boards. I will put aside around 2 hours to look for "pins" and will go look at other boards as well.

I was a little puzzled when I came across someone giving "tips" about Pinterest saying you should clean it out every so often, but I'm sure that will come to me.

There is so much beauty out there in the world and it appeals to the traveler inside of me.

I proudly compiled a list of my "boards" so I can show off my hard work and I love the way you get connected to each other on these boards.

  • Homemade Goodness
  • Life and its different styles
  • My Favorite T.V. and Netflix shows
  • Anything To Do With Movies
  • Roses Aren't Always Thorny
  • Baby Animals
  • Halloween...The most mystical time of year
  • Into The Mystic
  • I Love Black Cats
  • Got 9 Tattoos Of My Own

Like all things I wished I had started earlier but what the hell, I'm going to live forever anyways.

So go check out my boards and if you have a Pinterest account I will go look at yours as well.

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